Day 13: Burlington

We luxuriated in not have an 11:00 deadline to leave our lodgings, thanks to staying at Sophia’s house. We mixed last nights left over BBQ pork into scrambled eggs for breakfast and became confused about why eggs have ever been consumed any other way.

We met Sophia for lunch across the street from Elon College at a lovely lunch spot called The Root. Though neither Mariel nor Sophia’s caprese sandwiches came with fried green tomatoes as billed (disappointing), the food was solidly good. Sophia and Miriam were thrilled about the “crispy” (fried) brussels sprouts. We dipped around the corner for post-lunch coffee at The Oak House before saying goodbye to an old and new friend, respectively.

Then, we picked a spot a spot to spend the night which was a  couple of hours north. This happened to be Fredericksburg, VA. We headed out, had some mediocre Thai food, watched some more Food Network, and went to sleep.


Day 12: North Carolina Wanderings

Miriam’s favorite movie is Mary Poppins. But, raised Jewish as she was, she thought the line in “Feed the Birds” was “saints and opossums” (not “saints and apostles”). This sign from our breakfast adventure to Malaprop’s Cafe and Bookstore in Asheville spoke to her deeply:

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Day 9: National Civil Rights Museum

As teachers, both of us are passionate about using literature as both mirrors and windows. Literature can reflect and clarify one’s own experiences and it can also serve as a vehicle to places and experiences wholly different than ones own. Last year, both of us taught in affluent and predominantly white school communities and we both felt the necessity of teaching literature in order to advocate for greater racial and economic justice. A stop at the National Civil Rights Museum was requisite.

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